Macon & Lesquoy celebrates Segment 5th anniversary.

SEGMENT is a trendy concept store located in the French village of Seoul.

In April 2020, Segment celebrated its 5th Anniversary. The successful event lasted for 5 days with various promotions. The shop had a renovation period to create its rooftop floor with a terrace to serve beverages and display big items. Hundreds of amazing furniture and decoration items, from a small candle to a bean bag were arranged nicely in different rooms.

Photo by Latitude 37

The new display makes customers easy to see items. The entire shop as a house is like an art gallery as visitors stop for a minute to enjoy the aesthetics of each products.

Photo by Latitude 37

“Macon & Lesquoy In The Trendy Multi-Brand Store In The Heart Of Seoul”

Photo by Latitude 37

During the reopening 5th anniversary event, Segment introduced Macon & Lesquoy at the store entrance. Macon & Lesquoy is a high-hand embroidered jewels and accessories brand from Paris. Its awareness in Korean market is growing rapidly. Latitude 37 is happy to welcome Segment as a new partner for Macon & Lesquoy in Korea.

Macon & Lesquoy is also present in several trendy concept stores in Seoul, such as Rooming, Fiori Del Tempo and the Conran Shop.

Written by Latitude37

28 . 06 . 2020