When it comes to the luxury retail market in Korea, our insights can make a difference. Specialized in retail market intelligence and entry strategies, our expertise can support the right decision-making regarding developments in Korea.

Market Intelligence

Our team has ten years of experience in Korea, collaborating with leading luxury and beauty retail players. We focus on collecting and analyzing essential market information.

  • Retail evolution and market structure
  • Department stores ecosystem evolution
  • Competitors in-depth analysis
  • Market research and analysis on several segments such as luxury, fashion, cosmetics, accessories and living
  • Online: Retail digitalization / E-commerce
  • Offline: Selective distribution, domestic & travel retail challenges, and multi-brand concept stores

Market Entry Plans

For Latitude37’s clients, the team brings realistic and ambitious plans with adapting the brand’s vision to Korea.

  • Adapting global brand strategies to the local market specificities
  • Price structure, merchandising strategy, and store locations
  • Risks and opportunities in distribution transformation or alternative distribution models
  • Short and midterms action plan in the areas of retail, organization, and marketing
  • Step-by-step entry plan elaboration
  • Planning for subsidiary creation, structure set-ups or distribution partnership build-ups