With our partners, we continuously dig into the latest trends and capture innovative concepts from Korea’s cosmetic eco-system.

Beauty Trends

Our team – partnering with Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation –  finds out about the latest beauty trends in Korea!

  • Beauty trend reports in Korea
  • Digital beauty brand power
  • Local brand market developments and unique brand proposition
  • Beauty experience tours in Seoul

Innovative Cosmetic Ingredients

Together with our partner Experis, we transform new ingredients and technologies into powerful concepts. We mainly focus on:

  • Naturally sourced ingredients
  • Technologies around fermentation
  • Unique and clean technologies

Building Bridges through Innovation Partnership

Through our network of researchers and distributors in Europe and China, we develop business opportunities for new ingredients.

  • Building research projects with ingredients manufacturers
  • Bridging with research labs in Korean universities and research teams in France
  • Transferring an invention into new vital ingredients and technologies applicable to skincare
  • France to Korea – Innovation accelerating